6 steps towards your perfect Work from Home routine (Tips and tricks)

6 steps towards your perfect Work from Home routine (Tips and tricks)


The idea of working from home (WFH) is, quite literally, a personal matter.

How one feels about it varies from person to person.

This pandemic time is the most difficult and stressful time for everyone around us. People have to maintain distance from everything and everyone. Going out is not possible due to which ‘WORK FROM HOME’ is followed.

“Difficult time, Unbreakable struggle”

Unlike the pile of wood boards, metal screws, and the latest Allen key technology in the IKEA metaphor from before, building an effective work-from-home day doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But there are some tried, tested and true working from home best practices to help you make the most of your WFH statue.

If you think that work from home is making you lazy and distorted from your work then here are some comfortable Work from Home routines you must follow to maintain a equilibrium in your work:

1) Get comfortable

Set yourself up in a space dedicated to getting work done. You can go with the classic office-style combination of table and chair, or get creative. Have you always dreamt about that coworker’s standing desk?

Well, go grab a yoga mat, find a table or counter top.

2) Hit the break

Work when you’re working, break when you’re breaking.

Mandatory break activities involve getting off your butt, taking some deep breaths, staying hydrated, and eating healthily. Some recommended options include meditating, reading a physical book, getting some fresh air, and going for a walk, fitting in a quick workout and/or stretching session. You can also engage yourself with some hobbies.

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So that it makes you feel comfortable after working for so long and gives a fresh start for the next activity.

3) Commute home

Clean up your workspace, put your stuff away, and make your way back home from the office.

The physical distance might be just a few steps, but the mental one is the longer bridge to cross. Like a scuba diver returning from the watery depths to the surface, take the time to decompress your mind.

You’re not at risk of getting the bends, but your brain will thank you.

4) Remove distractions

… at least while you’re working.

Keep your mind and workspace tidy. You don’t need to go full Marie Kondo, but make sure that only your essentials are within reach.

Attention parents: preserving a safe harbor for work might also require pulling some distracting rabbits out of your hat. Create a fun and safe environment for children to learn and be entertained (think puzzles, books, Disney+, but not too plus). Parents can also follow these ways by reading a lot of interesting books, evening walk and by watching movies.

5) Set boundaries

With yourself and with others.

Turn off extracurricular notifications, log out of social networks, and set time limits for apps used for entertainment.

For those sharing a home with others, set some ground rules by making sure they know, and you know, when not to disturb anyone.

6) Stick to your routine

Having a routine is key.

Wash your hands, make the bed, take a shower, walk the dog, wash your hands, drink a coffee, eat a bite, exercise a bit, wash your hands.

Whatever you choose to do as part of your routine, stick to it no matter what, and get your body, mind, and soul ready to take on the day. The clothes you wear will also set the tone, so don’t be afraid to dig through your drawers and rediscover your style; somewhere between stained sweatpants and black tie attire lays the perfect choice.


At least try to follow 3-4 of them so that it helps you to remain sane during this most difficult time.

Earlier we used to go out and do our perspective works, but now it is not possible for anyone.

It is making people difficult to follow their existing routine. But if you try it and practice it, it’s possible for everything and everyone.

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