How to manage stress: 7 fast & easy ways for you

How to manage stress: 7 fast & easy ways for you


We are very often fond of the word ‘STRESS’ in our day-to-day life.

We define stress as our daily assignments, job load and home load.

We say ‘yarr aaj bohat kaam diya h mam n yh boss n kasai complete krungi mai stress ho rha h merko nhi pata kya kru nhi ho payega mere s! blah, blah, blah!

The point is that we are not ready to find the solution for our problems.

Instead we just blame everyone around us for our problems.

Is it the right way of doing?

Well, no is the answer actually, because blaming someone will not help you to get rid of your problems and stress.

Stress is something which you can cope up with. You have to follow up few steps to remain calm and quiet. Be with me and follow the steps one by one-:


Meditation is the foremost step to avoid being in a stressful stage.

It will make you feel fresh, healthy, and calm to do your work. Your body will allow you to do fresh things with full of enthusiasm.


Watch your Diet !!

It is very important to watch your diet.

Eat healthy food always.

Green vegetables, wheat, cereals are the healthy diets which you should take, also the homemade food. It will improve your energy level and help you to remain sane.

WALK (morning and evening)

Going for a walk will give you a relaxed mind to work more productively. It will reduce your stressful feeling.


Try to create an account on social media to do chit-chat with your friends.

It will help you in diverting your mindset from burdens for some while. It helps you to take healthy stress only.

Always watch funny videos on youtube so that it gives you a relaxing mindset.

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A worst day or the bad day is for everyone.

Everybody has to face a difficult situation from which coming up is a little difficult for us.

If you make up your mind in saying that I can’t do this no matter how hardworking person I am, then it’s true that you will not be able to do that work.

So try to be calm and reach out to your people when you feel low and are not emotionally stable.

It will make you feel calm inside of yours and will not lead you to a completely stressful situation.

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Talk to your friends always whenever you get a free time.

Conversation will make an individual happy and sane.

Activities like playing; dancing, reading books (the power of positive talks) are one of the inspirational books I would suggest reading.

This book is all about the way you talk to yourself and how you can cope up with your stressful situation in your life.

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Most of you are not aware of this term I guess!

If not let me help you!

Affirmations are the positive talks that you make for yourself when you are facing a difficult time.

For example, if you have a lot of assignments to complete but you feel that you don’t have time to do that and all of a sudden go to a stressful situation then you can talk to your mind in a positive manner, that is called affirmations.

Like you can say-

  • I am happy with my project!
  • I can complete it on time without any issues!
  • There is nothing to worry about works!

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Above are the full fledging steps which everyone should follow to avoid a stressful life.

It will not be an easy task, but if you will try to do and practice it in day-to-day life, everything is possible.

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