All operations of Your Campus Guide Community and actions of our team members are provided within a comprehensive framework of policies and procedures. Drawing together relevant legislation, regulations and industry standards, our policies and procedures provide security, safety and model better practice for our community members, team members and general communities.

Below you will find the key policies and procedures applying to the entire organisation. For additional information or documentation, please contact Your Campus Guide Community by email to [email protected]

  • Your Campus Guide believes that your company defines your character. We, therefore, promote collaborative learning among community members and healthy discussion, both formal and informal. We, however, DO NOT support any kind of stalking, spamming or intimidating any community member in any form. Indulgence in any of the following act can lead to a strict action against the individual.
  • We permit NO DISSEMINATION or DISCLOSURE of sensitive information of community members.
  • Dispute in Community

         Subject to the Terms of Membership, if any individual violates the group rules and does anything offensive to a person or remarks on sex, caste, religion. He/she will be given warning the first time and removed the second time.

  • Spamming Group Members

         Individuals found spamming or stalking community members will be identified through feedback and issued a warning. In case of continued complaints against them, they will be removed from the community.

  • You are required to follow the group rules and maintain a polite and friendly attitude towards your fellow community members.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to spam the group or your fellow community members. In case you wish to share any promotional message or any event related information, share them with Event Broadcasting Head. Your message will be posted after scrutinizing it.
  • Use of abusive language is PROHIBITED.
  • Strict action will be taken against any kind of Stalking or Intimidation by any community member. In any such case, do report your problem to Community Relations Head.

1. We DO NOT SUPPORT disclosure of sensitive information of Community members.
2. Your data is safe with us. In case you wish to leave the community, you can request deletion of your data.
3. Regular surveys are conducted and Feedbacks are taken to improve our service towards you.
4. In case you have any issue with a specific person in your community, or face acts such as stalking, bullying or intimidation by any person from your community, please report your problem to  Community Relations Head.
We will ensure the persons removal from the community.
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