List of our Active Communities

Academic Interests

Those who seek help from each other on Academic matters can find support from group members in the form of guidance and resource files.

Community Services

People who believe in service before self can take part in, or initiate by themselves activities and projects for society.

Travel and Adventure

A place where you’ll stay updated with all the fun and adventure going on around you.


Individuals with a knack for literature and immerse themselves the beauty of language will be in the community. This will be a Multilingual Community where anyone can promote his/her language and related literature.

Photography and Vlogging

A community for photographers, bloggers and vloggers can share their resources and expertise and engage in collaborative learning activities

Theatre and Acting

A place for artists who know the art of binding people to their seats with their performance.

Arts and Handicrafts

A community for people with creative mind, interested in creative and artistic stuff.

Culinary Skills

Students interested in cooking and related activities will be part of this.

Economics and Stock Market

A place for dealing in economics with practicality, for investment related queries and help, for tips on personal finance

Watch your Diet !!

Health and Fitness

Health conscious and fitness enthusiasts can find themselves at home here. People interested in Diet Tips, Workout plans , Weight Training etc. can be a part of this.

Music & Dance

A community to discuss and share musical talents, all, vocal, instrumental and rapping skills

Sports and Team Match

There will be Sub communities for various sports. Interested individuals will be able to find teams and other players to play together with.

Casual Events and Meetups

A place to meet with random people and get out of your comfort zone.

Public speaking and Debating

A community for intellectuals and beginners who are keen on sharpening their debating & public speaking skills

Entrepreneurship and Freelancing

Individuals who are interested in freelancing projects or want to launch a start-up will be part of this

Fashion and Modelling

Every individual keen on discussing fashion trends. Designers and models will meet here

IT and Technical Skills

This consists of skills such as web Designing , Graphic designing ,coding etc.

Networking and Marketing

This is a community for individuals who believe a stronger network lays the foundation of a brighter career.

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Did we miss Something?

Please message us in case we missed the interest your are looking for. We'd be delighted to include it.

Did we miss Something?

Please message us in case we missed the interest your are looking for. We'd be delighted to include it.