Migration Procedure at Delhi University. All you need to know

Migration Procedure at Delhi University. All you need to know

Hello there dumplings, how you doin’?

The long awaited first cut off list is out and the admission procedure has begun.

So, did you manage to get your target college or you took one step closer to it?

Let me know in the comments section or if you need any advice regarding college admissions, you know where to ask.

I have already talked about the procedure of admission earlier, if you missed it, read it here. It reached my ears that you munchkins were having some doubts about whether you should take admission in some college in first list or should you wait for further lists. Kyunki, college change karane k jhanjhat mein kon padega yar aur fir nahi hua to aur museebat!

Well, here’s the thing. I would advise you to take admission in your best option available and secure a seat in some college instead of letting it go. As unpredictable as DU is, not taking admission in one list and waiting for the next one is a big risk. You never know if the college that you have been eyeing will ever lower down its grades enough to let you in. You might just be left waiting for the cut off to fall and the list might close or the cut off might not decrease at all.

But hey, the migration procedure exists for a reason, right?

Here are a few things you need to know before I get to the procedure:-

1. Once you let go a cut off list where you were eligible in some college, you wouldn’t be allowed to apply for that college in further lists. Your application will be accepted only after the final list has been released and closed and there’s still a seat left. (Warning: The chances of any seats remaining even after all lists being closed are very slim. Check this if you don’t believe my word.

2. The migration procedure is very simple and not at all complicated or scary.

3. There are two types of migrations possible – inter-college migration and Intra college migration

Intercollege migrationIntracollege migration
You can switch between two colleges, take admission in the same course in a different college or a different course in a different college.You can switch the courses within same college.

4. The migration will not threaten your seat in college as long as you pay your annual college fee within 24 hours of seeking admission.

5. Fees paid will be adjusted. The surplus will be paid back and only the difference would need to be paid.

6. You only need to pay a migration charge as decided by the college you enrolled in earlier.


1. Visit the college you previously took admission in and ask for a cancellation form. Fill out the form, submit and wait for your turn.


Some colleges demand you to submit a written application for cancellation along with cancellation form.

Do not forget to take a printed copy and 2 photocopies of your fee receipt.

2. Pay the migration fee. Do not forget to collect the receipt of this payment, you will be required to present it later.

3. Collect your documents and visit the new college that you want to take admission in.

4. Fill out the admission form for the new college.

5. Get your documents verified.

6. Pay the difference of college fees.

7. Voila! Your admission is done.

See, how simple it was! You were freaking out for nothing.

When I am here to kis baat ki hai fikar, don’t worry and go take admission that college if you still haven’t!

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