We all are very fond of hearing from our elders about college life very offend.

Some says it’s boring to go to college, some says it’s interesting because we could get to meet new people, new faculty, new canteen, new facilities, everything is new for us.

After hearing all these things we start to make a scheme or perception about college life.

Perceptions like – no worries about board exams now, no worries of attending full fledge classes, could get to chill with my friends more, could get to wear more fashionable cloths, use phone now without any sort of restrictions.

‘12th khatam ho gye ab toh masti hi masti

These perceptions give a positive look towards college and motivate us to be regular.

But HAULD ON!!!!

Truth is beyond this.

If you finds it difficult to analysis or interpret what college life actually is, I am here to help you out.


You got someone to help you for free huh!

If you are seeking admission to a private college then always remember that opportunities are less, events and celebrations will be less, but at the same time projects, assignments, and works are in load.

Sad to know the truth right?

Attendance has been made a very important thing which will force you to think twice or thrice before planning to bunk the class.

Darr gye??


It’s not that you can’t bunk your class or chill with your friends. It’s not a scary kind of thing. You can bunk your classes but limited.

One amazing thing about private college is that ‘Procrastination is Easy’ you can delay your work and could submit it after the submission time, interesting no?

All those who are studying in private college can relate to this, including me!!!!

College trips and excursions are always the best thing which happens in college, Agree?

Whether it is Private or Government College it’s always the best.

After completing a college journey when you move out for a job or any further studies, if someone asks you what is the best thing which you remember about your college, without any sort of hesitation, you will say it’s ‘OUR COLLEGE TRIP’.


Anyway moving on, we say that because it is the only memorable thing that happened in our college life where we had enough freedom to celebrate and chill with our friends.

You enjoy your trip to the fullest like there is no tomorrow, that too with no Constraints.

Nobody is there to judge you, meals are good, new hotel room, new place, evening campfire, etc…

Now, Speaking about Government College, there you will have freedom to the fullest, events and celebrations are more, attendances are important but to some extent.

The main problem is that admission milne k liye 99% hone chahiye!

Sorry for spoiling your dream of going to Government College!!

But Honestly speaking Government College is the best to explore yourself, not saying that private college is not good but there are some misconceptions which have been made by people in their head that college is like very chill-bill kind.

Yes, it is, it enriches our behavior, talents, and skills. But at the same time, it is very difficult too.

So remove all the misunderstandings or myths about college life and move forward.

Seek for a college which helps you to enrich your skills and talents.

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Shaleen Joshy

I Shaleen Joshy from Greater Noida, i am a positive and social person. I am extremely passionate about my work. My areas of interests are Reading Books, Listening to music.

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